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David Jeansonne is an inventive and motivated entrepreneur who has paved his way in a mixture of industries: automotive, staffed event and direct mail marketing, and now, group fitness!

David Jeansonne

David Jeansonne is one of the true pioneers of the Staffed Event and Direct Mail Marketing industries. After years of working in a dealership in New Orleans, Jeansonne took his creativity to the national level. David’s pure motivation and sheer will to win, coupled with the best car minds in the country, are what sets his company Traffic Jam Events apart. Traffic Jam Events™ offers staffed events and direct mail for dealerships across the nation as one of the leading automotive-marketing and advertising firms. David and his team have seen success by concentrating on three core elements: Research, Relationships, and Results.

After being a businessman and entrepreneur for over two decades, David Jeansonne and his businesses have become the definition of turning the water off. Through dealing with the effects of COVID-19, he has remained committed to his employees—not laying off a single person or relying on the unemployment process to help his people stay afloat. As the world continues to debate the need of everyone to “Cover That Mouth” and wear face masks, David realized he had the infrastructure in place to help fill the need. 

Though he and his team have no formal experience in the fabric or apparel space, he has enough wherewithal and people on staff to easily develop, manufacture, and distribute the product. After a couple of weeks and a few hundred hours of dedicated manpower and brainstorming, the Cover That Mouth face mask company was born. The masks will feature full, four-color printing, allowing corporations to feature logos on their masks. The use of four-color printing, therefore, ensures that a company’s employees’ and clients’ health is prioritized while also allowing them to promote their business.

Additionally, David has developed CHAMPS BOXING™, a facility that revolutionizes group fitness by focusing on individuals while maintaining a class setting. Forget cookie-cutter programs or early burnout: at CHAMPS BOXING™, you’ll get the best workouts possible and achieve your long-term fitness goals! CHAMPS is not like another facility because Jeansonne and his team built a group fitness class that conforms to literally everyone. Additionally, CHAMPS BOXING™️ is the only company that offers the innovative HYDROBLAST™️ punching bag. These punching bags are packed with 19 gallons of water, giving you the ability to workout hard and Leave It All On The Bag!™️

David Jeansonne is also dedicated to giving back and does everything he can to give back to his community. . As David built a fortunate life for himself, he never forgot the value of helping others do the same, particularly where he grew up.

“We only live once…

But if done right… Once is enough!”