4 Tips to Improve Your Boxing Workouts

People who are new to boxing might find the idea of stepping into the ring very intimidating. However, a few tips can help give you the courage you need to step into the ring and channel your inner Mohammed Ali! It is essential to know that overall fitness will help your boxing. Make sure you are starting with endurance training, conditioning, strength, and even yoga. Boxers are very intense athletes, and if you want to start incorporating boxing into your fitness routine, you can get into fantastic shape! Here are some tips for mastering boxing before you hit the ring!

Focus on Footwork First

Getting the proper stance will help you stay out of your target range while you transfer your energy through the core and into your fist. To maintain appropriate footwork, you need to maintain balance, angle, armor and aiming. Keep your lead foot angled towards your opponent and have your body angled away. This ensures your body is a smaller target.

Protect Your Punch

Having a great jab is the key to your boxing game! You need to start with your legs, not your fist! All your energy in your jab comes from your legs, then it is transferred through your core and explodes through your fist. When you extend your arm out in front of yourself, you need to make sure you turn your palm towards the ground before you have extended your arm completely.

Practice Your Cross

Once you’ve mastered the jab, you need to start working on your cross. Again, the power isn’t coming from your arms. Instead, it is coming from the way your hips are rotating. To perform a proper cross jab, ensure your hips are rotating forward, allowing your heels to lift. The momentum will extend through your arms to create a more significant impact when you throw your jab.

Learn the Hook

A hook can be an incredible move once you’ve mastered it. It is even considered one of the most dangerous moves in boxing. It can be delivered with just as much power as a cross jab when it is executed properly. Start with your rear hip rotating forward and then pivot on your lead leg.

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