4 Tips to Restart Your Fitness Routine After an Injury

When you start working out again after being injured, it can often feel like you are starting all over again. The body is not as fit as it was before you got injured. If you want to recover from an injury and get back into pre-injury shape, you need to make sure you are listening to your body. This is not the time to overdo it; otherwise, you could reinjure yourself. Regardless of what kind of injury you’ve sustained, here are several tips to leap back into fitness.


You can generally stretch even if you are still in recovery. When you are immobile, your muscles start to become stiff, and you are unable to maintain the full range of motion in each joint. Without stretching, the muscles become weaker because they aren’t able to stretch all the way. Instead of letting your muscles get too stiff, make sure you ask your physician about the kinds of stretches you can do in the recovery process. This will ensure your muscles recover entirely, and you will be ready to go once your injury has healed.

Don’t go too Quickly

Make sure you aren’t overdoing it! It is a good rule to take it easy when you are first jumping back into your fitness routine. An easy way to measure this is to do about 20% less than you feel like you can. You need to realize that your body isn’t where you got injured, and it needs time to adjust and become fit again.

Do Something, but not Everything

It is important not to go the opposite route either by doing nothing. Find an easy in between by going for a walk or doing other exercises that aren’t so harsh on the joints. Swimming is a great option, for example. It allows you to get your body moving without putting any pressure on your injuries.

Use Ice and Heat

Your doctor might believe that using heat and ice can help you recover from your workouts and prevent further injuries. Icing sore muscles can reduce inflammation and ensure your muscles don’t get too sore. Heat can also be great for old injuries.

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