Business Trends to Focus on in 2021

Owning a successful business requires owners to stay up to date on their industry’s latest developments. Regardless of the industry that the business is in, being informed on the industry’s overview can help owners stay ahead of the curve when new trends arise. Top business owners are continually looking to expand their business, and those owners looking to get ahead in 2021 should keep an eye on these trends.

Mobile Employee Communication

Millennials currently makeup 50% of the workforce and are projected to represent about 75% of it by 2025. If there is one thing companies need to know about millennials, they are tech-savvy and mobile-driven, and it’s important to keep them focused and engaged. It’sIt’s important to adapt communication efforts to be mobile-friendly. Switching to a communication app offers managers a direct channel to their employees to boost communication efforts within your team. 

The Growth of Remote Work

As companies continue to adjust to Covid-19, many have dropped their office spaces and shifted their companies to remote work. Office space rental isn’t cheap, and any business that is looking to cut costs right now is doing so by allowing their employees to work from home while subletting the office space. Remote work is appealing to more and more businesses as working the normal 9 to 5 five days a week is no longer the norm. 

Non-Monetary Perks and Benefits

While the ability to work from home used to be considered a perk at many companies, many employees are looking for other perks at their job that are not money-related. Traditional compensation packages that focus on 401(k) and bonuses aren’t as compelling to employees anymore. Instead, they are looking for their work experience to include things like telecommunication, flexible work schedules, paid time off, paternity leave, and much more. These perks are nice to have, and companies need to recognize that engaged employees will help them get key business results! 

Customer Service

Personalized customer service experiences are becoming the norm for companies as we move towards 2021. Customers have their wants and needs when it comes to engaging with your business, and it’s important that smart personalization engines can recognize what your customers are interacting with. 

What trends are you most looking forward to taking off in 2021?

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