3 Helpful Tips for Starting a Business

Starting a business is challenging, and no successful entrepreneur starts a company overnight. While there is no perfect formula to follow to become a prosperous business owner, there are a few beginning steps that can set you up for long-term success. Here are my three helpful tips for starting a successful business.


1. Educate Yourself

Passion drives flourishing businesses, but no company can be successful without knowledge. This is why it’s vital to educate yourself on business practices and industry knowledge. Try to absorb everything that you can. Mike Kappel, the CEO of Patriot Software, LLC, recommends listening to what others have to say, including friends, family, and experts. By talking to others, conducting research and reaching out to experts in the field, you’ll gain helpful knowledge and advice. While you are learning, be sure to keep notes and start developing your business plans. Don’t forget to conduct research on target markets, estimate profits, and find out legal requirements. The more you learn initially will help develop your business success and hopefully prevent surprises down the road.

2. You’re Going to Need More Money

Cash flow is the lifeline of all businesses and an important measure of success, and you’re going need to a lot to start a company. Conducting research will help you determine how much it will cost for you to develop your product and service and what price you need to sell at to make money. Brad Sugars, the founder and chairman of ActionCOACH, suggests overestimating expenses and underestimate revenues. “I’ve never seen a startup business where expenses were at least 30 percent more than initially planned or anticipated, and revenues are at least that much less.” Sugars writes. It also may be necessary to contact investors for business funds.


3. Take Advantage of Free Resources

As a startup, you’re going to have limited funds, so take advantage of free resources. Whether you need help creating a website, developing a logo, or making business cards, there are so many free sources that you can use. There are free resources that can help build a business profile, create a website, develop social media practices, help track productivity, and even assist with accounting and payroll needs.  


Becoming a business owner, especially a successful one, takes much more than just following these three tips. However, educating yourself, managing cash flows, and using free tools are great beginning steps to take. Success does not come overnight, but these tips can help get you started.


David Jeansonne is the founder of Traffic Jam Events™, a nationally renowned automotive-marketing firm. He is also an award winning entrepreneur and business strategist. Read more of his entrepreneurship advice or check out his Twitter!

Football season is here! And so are the hurricanes…

The Saints’ first game is tomorrow in Minnesota and David is certainly looking forward to this Sunday, where the Saints will host the New England Patriots in the Superdome!
David is very pleased to announce that he will be flying in four special clients and their spouses to join him and some local friends and family in his suite for the game. It will be a fun weekend, and as David says: “We will be making memories!”
On a somber note, the sales and production office located in Tampa is weathering hurricane Irma along with the rest of the state of Florida. David’s heart, head and hands are certainly stretched out to those families that help him and the rest of the team do what they do on a daily basis.
As David said: “We WILL pull the weight and carry their load until they are back in operation. And are back standing on both feet. Count on it. Life hands us good, great, and bad situations. Harvey hands Houston and its outlying areas an historical storm where our heaviest client base lives. Now we are dealing with Irma as she comes up the entire state of Florida which is where our heaviest employee base lives. We will continue to stand tall and lean forward until this breaks. Better days to come, God speaks this. Our resilience through these troubles will continue to define who we are!”

New Traffic Jam Events Office!

David Jeansonne recently upgraded the Traffic Jam Events Tampa office with a new office building!

With the steadily increasing business that Traffic Jam Events has been experiencing, David realized the Tampa location needed a larger space to keep up with demand. The new building adds a variety of features, including a full-size Conference/Training Room, an expanded Creative Department and a much larger Sales Department.

“After reviewing this year’s numbers and next year’s projections, it was a no-brainer,” David said. “In order to continue our role as a leading automotive marketing firm, we needed a bigger space and more staff to handle the increasing business.”

David Jeansonne’s Farewell to ViP School Bus

As ViP School Bus continues its journey under new management, David Jeansonne expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the company:


“After four and a half incredible years of memories, fun and prosperity, I’m saying goodbye to the ViP School Bus. The company is transitioning to new ownership, and the buses will continue to proudly serve the New Orleans area.

I’m genuinely grateful for all the love and support I received during my time as owner. I’ll always be proud of the Bus’ collaboration with the Make-a-Wish foundation, helping to turn children’s wishes into reality.

Though it was an extremely difficult decision to move on from ViP School Bus, I am 100% confident that the company will continue to offer the same incredible service as it has for years under my management.

Good luck ViP School Bus, and best wishes for the future!”

The Mailbox Guy Update

The Mailbox Guy recently launched a full-service e-mail campaign to keep in touch with their loyal customers. Check your e-mails for weekly updates and the latest news!

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Traffic Jam Events Update

Traffic Jam Events continues to offer the latest concepts and innovative products in the automotive marketing industry. Traffic Jam recently unveiled a series of brand-new highly customizable direct-mail packages, including the Blackbook buyback mailer with embossed Blackbook card!

Traffic Jam Events’ Specialties: Automotive marketing, Staffed events, Automotive direct mail, Direct mail campaigns, Automotive advertising, Automotive events.

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