Tips for Joining a Gym

Someone who is joining a gym for the first time should not take this process lightly. Not only will choosing the wrong gym set a person back in terms of their fitness goals. It can also be financially costly. That’s because many gyms will take monthly membership fees from their members, whether they show up every day or two times in one year. Here are a few tips for selecting the right gym for a person’s fitness and personal goals.

What Someone Should Know Before They Join a Gym

One who is looking to join a gym should not just join the one closest to their home. Instead, they should try different ones. They should use a weekly free pass that many gyms offer to prospective members (if this option is available). During this time, one should attend at different times to see when that gym is crowded. They should also attempt to use as many of the gym’s facilities as they can during the trial period.

Tips For Selecting the Right Gym

While a person shouldn’t necessarily settle for the gym closest to their home, they shouldn’t rule it out. Most people won’t work out regularly if their gym is too far away. When someone finds themselves selecting gyms, they should choose gyms that are close to their home or job.

Always keep goals in mind when it comes to selecting a new gym. Maybe all a person wants to do is a few sets of really sweaty push-ups before they shower and drive home. Other times, someone else might want to try out a few new machines at the gym to see how they feel. Either goal is okay. But it’s important to come to the gym with a plan. This allows you to get a real feel of what working out at this place will be like.

Some gym-goers are often too embarrassed to ask staff members for help with equipment. Those who use equipment or attempt new exercises without engaging in the proper form could risk serious injury. So someone who is new to the gym and exercise should be proactive in seeking out assistance as this can turn into good physical habits for the future.

In addition to these tips, a person who shops around for the best costs does tours of different gyms in the area to ensure that it’s a place where they would enjoy working out, and looking at childcare options (if needed) will better ensure that the exercise habit sticks for a lifetime. 

Purchasing a Gym Franchise

Opening a gym franchise can be a very successful business for people interested in health and fitness while joining an established brand. This allows people to build a business with a successful background instead of struggling to build one from the ground up. There are a number of franchises to pick from, but it is important to pick a brand that is aligned with the values of those who are going to buy it. Here are the top ways to start a franchise gym.

Understand the Pros and Cons of the Franchise

Understanding the different disadvantages and advantages of each franchise is important before purchasing. This will allow people to pick the right franchise for them. Speak with current franchise owners and former owners to get an understanding of what it requires. It has a number of benefits, like brand recognition. Most franchises are a great purchase because they already have a built-in customer base. The franchisor will also handle a lot of the marketing aspects. It can provide more support and training for those who have never owned a business before getting a gym franchise. They also have higher profits than non-franchise businesses because they already have loyal customers. They have also invested in discovering the right formula for success.

The Disadvantages of Franchises

One of the biggest disadvantages of owning a franchise is that the business owner will not have as much independence. Technically, they are a type of employee, even though they own the location. The franchise has the final say regarding every aspect of the business, such as decor, marketing, business strategy, and location. People who want to have more independence need to venture elsewhere. It is also a higher investment initially because they will have to purchase a lot of equipment. This can be difficult for potential buyers because they do not have a lot of liquid capital. If there are no funds available, purchasing a franchise might not be the best option. There is also an ongoing cost to maintain the franchise. Most franchises require marketing fees, renewal fees, and royalty fees.

Once people have recognized that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, they can consider the different gym franchises available in their area.

4 Tips to Restart Your Fitness Routine After an Injury

When you start working out again after being injured, it can often feel like you are starting all over again. The body is not as fit as it was before you got injured. If you want to recover from an injury and get back into pre-injury shape, you need to make sure you are listening to your body. This is not the time to overdo it; otherwise, you could reinjure yourself. Regardless of what kind of injury you’ve sustained, here are several tips to leap back into fitness.


You can generally stretch even if you are still in recovery. When you are immobile, your muscles start to become stiff, and you are unable to maintain the full range of motion in each joint. Without stretching, the muscles become weaker because they aren’t able to stretch all the way. Instead of letting your muscles get too stiff, make sure you ask your physician about the kinds of stretches you can do in the recovery process. This will ensure your muscles recover entirely, and you will be ready to go once your injury has healed.

Don’t go too Quickly

Make sure you aren’t overdoing it! It is a good rule to take it easy when you are first jumping back into your fitness routine. An easy way to measure this is to do about 20% less than you feel like you can. You need to realize that your body isn’t where you got injured, and it needs time to adjust and become fit again.

Do Something, but not Everything

It is important not to go the opposite route either by doing nothing. Find an easy in between by going for a walk or doing other exercises that aren’t so harsh on the joints. Swimming is a great option, for example. It allows you to get your body moving without putting any pressure on your injuries.

Use Ice and Heat

Your doctor might believe that using heat and ice can help you recover from your workouts and prevent further injuries. Icing sore muscles can reduce inflammation and ensure your muscles don’t get too sore. Heat can also be great for old injuries.

How to Hire Perfect Personal Trainers for Your Gym

It is important to evaluate personal trainers on certain qualities to ensure they are just the right fit for you and your gym! This article will review the qualities to look for and how to hire the right personal trainer.

Getting a personal training certification is easy! That’s why you need to find a trainer who is more than just someone great at sales. Instead, you need someone who can get you the results you want. If you own a gym or are a hiring manager for a fitness company, it is important to find a candidate with the right qualities.

Communication skills

Communication skills are one of the most important qualities a personal trainer can have! They need to be able to speak clearly, confidently, and with authority. They also need to talk to people easily because they need to have high social intelligence to sell their services to potential clients.

It can be easy to tell if a potential candidate for your training position has communication skills. When interviewing them, find out how they explain exercises by asking them to explain it to a beginner. You want someone who can speak confidently but in a friendly way!

Make Sure they Fit the Gym

Getting the right fit for your gym is more important than you think! You want to ensure the candidate will fit in with the culture and align with your gym’s values. If you are uncertain about the gym’s values, an excellent way to think about it is by discovering what you want your members to describe your gym. Is your gym reliable and respectful? If your trainers don’t reflect the same values as the gym, it is unlikely they will be a good fit in the long run.


The main qualifier for hiring a personal trainer for the gym is to make sure they know what they are talking about. They need to be able to perform the main tasks you will be assigned to them. If you hire someone who is all talk, it will end up costing you money! Find someone who can perform the way you want the first time!

Top 3 Personal Training Certification Programs

There are several different personal trainer certificate programs available for those who want to become professional personal trainers. It is crucial to pick a program that is highly recommended and respected. These are the top three personal trainer certification programs. They are all available for distance learning while providing the latest fitness and methodologies developments, and they are all created by esteemed fitness institutions.

National Academy of Sports Medicine

The National Academy of Sports Medicine, otherwise known as NASM, is a respected academy is known for providing elite approaches to fitness training. They have been providing a science-based approach over the past ten years, making them one of the most respected personal training certification programs. Over the last decade, more than 190,000 people have received their training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. They require a high school diploma before admission, and they test their candidates on the NASM-CPT exam.

American Council on Exercise

The American Council on Exercise is focused on helping people become empowered fitness experts and trainers through a simple mantra. They want to get people moving! The training is centered on teachings that help trainers meet their clients where they are, regardless of whether they perform at optimal levels like a triathlon or to start incorporating more walking into their day. The mission has allowed the American Council on Exercise to become a leading personal training program that has served over one million clients. They provide different certifications for health coaches, medical exercise specialists, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors, so you know you will get the best education for your goals.

International Sports Sciences Association

The International Sports Sciences Association is an option for those who are unable to attend classes in person. Distance learning allows candidates to learn at their own speed in a self-paced program. They offer classes on a variety of different health and fitness topics. They are even certified to provide an associate’s degree in Exercise Science. They are dedicated to providing personal trainers with the skills they will need to provide their clients with the optimal fitness training.

3 Tips for Opening a Gym

Opening a gym can be either lucrative or disastrous. Before taking that leap, there are many factors to consider, which is why this article will simplify the process. Although certain individual factors may vary based on a professional’s background and location, some consistent foundations are present in successful gyms.

Personal Trainers

An essential factor in every gym is its trainers. This means the gym owner should have already acquired respect from clientele and relationships as a knowledgeable trainer. It’s magnetic when a gym owner and trainers are elite at their jobs. Being an owner is a step up from being a trainer. Gathering new clientele and being on the floor to show their coaching ability should be second nature for the owner.

Making Money

Most gyms don’t survive, so a new gym owner must manage their finances well. This isn’t very easy, but to elaborate succinctly, an owner needs to:

  • Have financial success before opening their gym
  • Charge a respectable price for classes
  • Pay their trainers well

These are immensely important, but the final two cannot be emphasized enough. A gym’s staff is why it survives. Employed trainers should be incentivized via commission for building clientele, but should also already have experience and can thus be paid a respectable base salary. An owner should create an exclusive environment, and part of that has elite trainers on staff who are happy and paid well.


A gym’s environment is paramount. Clients should feel the hype of the gym. Popular music should be playing with a high-quality sound system, and trainers should be energetically coaching their class/clients. This may seem secondary, but humans are sensual beings. Clients should enter and leave feeling like no other gym has that energy.

Overall, opening a gym is a huge decision, and the right steps need to be fulfilled for it to be successful. Be developed as a trainer, network with long-time clients and professionals, manage finances well, and pay staff respectably, and an owner will find that the pieces fall into place.

What to Look for in a New Gym Location

If you are struggling to find the perfect place for your gym, you’ve come to the right place! If you are looking to open your first gym or you’re a veteran looking for a new location for your exercise empire, consider these things while looking for the perfect location.

Find a Place with Natural Light and High Ceilings

Having state-of-the-art equipment is excellent, but you also need to have a place that has high ceilings and natural light. This can help the location look and feel larger than it is. This will also allow you to have some flexibility if you want to change your business model. If you’re going to add rope climbs or batting cages, you will need at least 20-foot high ceilings. Not to mention, everyone loves a gym with a lot of light. No one wants to work out in a dungeon! It just isn’t motivating.

Do Competitive Research

Researching before you buy is essential! The fitness industry is a competitive one, which is good! This means there is more information available to you before you buy it! Check out the related businesses in the area to ensure you can make a great offer to your clients. You also want to be able to position yourself properly. If you’re close to a chiropractor, a massage therapist, or a physiotherapy location, you can create a healthy relationship with your neighbors while giving and receiving referrals.

Ample Parking

Having adequate parking is something many gym owners don’t think about until it is too late. It is even worse if your clients are forced to pay for parking or circle the area for twenty minutes before they can park! Having a lot of free parking will make a massive difference for your gym.

Keep a Classy Bathroom

Having a great gym is more than just about working out! You want to provide an experience. Clients love beautiful bathrooms that are classy, not only functional. They want a place to take a shower after they’ve worked out. Morning clients are very particular about their showers before they have to head off to work. Have at least two or three showers available for both men and women.

4 Tips to Improve Your Boxing Workouts

People who are new to boxing might find the idea of stepping into the ring very intimidating. However, a few tips can help give you the courage you need to step into the ring and channel your inner Mohammed Ali! It is essential to know that overall fitness will help your boxing. Make sure you are starting with endurance training, conditioning, strength, and even yoga. Boxers are very intense athletes, and if you want to start incorporating boxing into your fitness routine, you can get into fantastic shape! Here are some tips for mastering boxing before you hit the ring!

Focus on Footwork First

Getting the proper stance will help you stay out of your target range while you transfer your energy through the core and into your fist. To maintain appropriate footwork, you need to maintain balance, angle, armor and aiming. Keep your lead foot angled towards your opponent and have your body angled away. This ensures your body is a smaller target.

Protect Your Punch

Having a great jab is the key to your boxing game! You need to start with your legs, not your fist! All your energy in your jab comes from your legs, then it is transferred through your core and explodes through your fist. When you extend your arm out in front of yourself, you need to make sure you turn your palm towards the ground before you have extended your arm completely.

Practice Your Cross

Once you’ve mastered the jab, you need to start working on your cross. Again, the power isn’t coming from your arms. Instead, it is coming from the way your hips are rotating. To perform a proper cross jab, ensure your hips are rotating forward, allowing your heels to lift. The momentum will extend through your arms to create a more significant impact when you throw your jab.

Learn the Hook

A hook can be an incredible move once you’ve mastered it. It is even considered one of the most dangerous moves in boxing. It can be delivered with just as much power as a cross jab when it is executed properly. Start with your rear hip rotating forward and then pivot on your lead leg.

Developing a Business Plan for Your Gym

A business plan is the road map of a new or existing gym business. Here, entrepreneurs detail their objectives, including target customers, competitive advantage, equipment lease proposals, or how they will charge for the services. The entrepreneur wants a clear direction of what, when, and how to run the business. They use the following steps to come up with a concrete gym business plan.

The business plan will have the following sections.

The Executive Summary

This first part includes a quick pitch to investors summarizing the business idea. It aims to capture the fund managers’ interest or justify why the business owner thinks their concepts are viable. In turn, this section is prepared last.

The Market Research and Analysis

The market research gives insight into the viability of the business idea. It includes a SWOT analysis and a feasibility study for the proposed gym location. The entrepreneur uses the findings of the target market demographics, customer expectations, or the logistics of running the workout sessions to come up with factual objectives, marketing, and financial projections.

Products and Services

A gym entails providing coaching lessons, rent of gym equipment, or sale of workout videos. This section lists all the proposed products and services. From here, the entrepreneur can come up with a marketing plan and a financial plan.

The Management

Who will run the gym? What attributes do they have that are an asset to the business? Are there plans to form any strategic partnerships with a fitness coach, manufacturer, or sports icon? This section lays out the organizational structure.

The Marketing Plan

The marketing plan details the proposed income streams and marketing strategies to achieve them. They include offering monthly subscriptions, private coaching, and running a wellness and fitness program. The marketing plan comes up with marketing strategies that will enrich the customer experience.

The Financial Plan

The financial plan converts the ideas into cash. It includes the startup expenses budget, the sales budget, an income and expenditure statement, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. In turn, it gives a clearer picture of areas that do not add up, are over-ambitious, or underutilized.

Finally, entrepreneurs have to break the business plan into small achievable goals. They set a time frame to get licenses, assets, and marketing campaigns. Plus, they will have to file tax returns at the end of each financial year. Hence, keeping tabs on all the paperwork is crucial.

Setting Realistic and Achievable Fitness Goals

Whether you’re working on a New Year’s resolution or want to change the way you look and feel, setting a realistic fitness goal can keep you on track. Goals are a great way to get to where you want to be, but this is also a method of holding yourself accountable. If you’re having a bad day, your goal will provide you with the motivation needed to keep moving.

One Goal

People often try to set too many goals for themselves at once. Even if you have multiple things that you want to accomplish, set one goal, achieve that goal, and move on. You can also make yourself anxious if you have too much on your plate.

Create Your Own Goal

There’s a lot of information on the internet when it comes to fitness. Please don’t get caught up in how other people look or what they’re doing. Think about your health. Set your goals based on what you see for yourself in the future. If you know that you’ll never be able to run a marathon like your neighbor next door, don’t feel you need to make that your goal.

Make Sure It’s Measurable

You must measure your progress in some way. This might be counting the pounds as they come off or checking off certain distances with your running. It’s hard to progress towards a goal if you don’t know how you’re doing.

Don’t Set the Bar Too High

You may want to set a small goal for yourself to start with. This is an excellent way to build up your confidence level. After you’ve achieved that goal, move on to something that will be more of a challenge.

It’s easy to get caught up with everything going on over a day, week, or month. When it comes to fitness goals, people often set the bar too high. This sets them up for failure. To avoid throwing your goals to the curb, think about your fitness goals before you set them. Ensure that they’re something you know you can achieve with a little bit of time and effort.