Meet David

David JeansonneDavid Jeansonne is a creative and driven entrepreneur who has paved his own way in a variety of industries: automotive, staffed event and direct mail marketing, and now, group fitness. A New Orleans native, David has built his career on pillars of hard work and enthusiasm for everything he does — allowing him to work on a national level without ever losing his local flair. David is the founder of CHAMPS BOXING™,  Traffic Jam Events™, and Cover That Mouth LLC, all of which are headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A self-taught professional, David certainly faced his share of challenges when he entered the workplace for the first time. He began as a teenage busboy at a local restaurant and eventually worked his way up into restaurant management. This managerial experience ultimately helped David carve out his own path as an executive in the automotive space. After two and a half short years working at one dealership in New Orleans, David took the leap as an entrepreneur and ultimately created Traffic Jam Events™.

Since its founding, Traffic Jam has become one of the top automotive-marketing firms in the nation. David now has over nineteen years of experience in staffed event and direct mail marketing within the automotive industry. He has been recognized in the Winner’s Circle (Terry Bradshaw), Automotive News, and Dealer Marketing Magazine. He has also appeared on N.A.D.A. Conference billboards, and has even been invited as the guest speaker for American Express at their annual Chicago Summit where he was featured as one of the top entrepreneurs in the American Express Plum and Centurion Card divisions.

Throughout his career, David has learned key lessons that not only applied to his own industry, but to business characteristics in general. It was (and is) vital to his success to learn all that he could from other people, immersing himself in the cornerstones of good business while building the brick-and-mortar models that would house impeccable solutions on various levels of innovation and growth in various sectors.

“Although I am not that old at just 46 years young, education was not all that important back then, but today it is key to any successful path with technology and science so present in this generation. A good education is a must!” -David Jeansonne

This mindset led David to branch out into fitness, specifically the group fitness arena, and create CHAMPS BOXING™ – a truly one-of-a-kind fitness facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. David saw an opportunity within the fitness industry that had been left untapped: a group fitness facility motivated by a class setting while focusing on each individual. It’s really about the member and their punching bag in this fun-for-all one-hour workout environment. Jeansonne was determined to find a program that would remove the first- and second-level burnouts provided by your standard, cookie-cutter franchised fitness facilities.

How could David revolutionize group fitness and deliver the best workout possible for people from all walks of life? Thanks to his long history in the marketing and direct mail space, David already had the key ingredients he needed. He began to quickly build CHAMPS BOXING™, the boxing-inspired group fitness facility offering the newest HYDROBLAST™ punching bag technology – a water-filled synthetic rubber bag.

“An infrastructure made up of the best graphic designers, accounting department, operations arm, audio/video experts, my motivation and fitness background… When you put us all in one room a really incredible outcome happens! That’s how CHAMPS was born.”

Over the next year, David anticipates fast and exciting growth for CHAMPS BOXING™! He will balance this work, as well as his leadership at Traffic Jam Events, with his extensive community involvement. David currently donates to numerous charities and organizations, all centered around causes which are most important to him: children’s education and empowerment, care and support for military veterans, and more. David and the team at CHAMPS BOXING™ plan to get as involved as they possibly can in nonprofit work, all for the joy of giving back to their community.

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